Universal DRM: Protecting Content in a Changing Video Ecosystem (Americas)


The year 2015 saw a significant evolution in both browser and technology as well as use cases to monetize content and content rights. In 2016, mobile devices will continue that pace of evolution, while maintaining the need to keep legacy set top boxes supported.

How can you, as a content owner or provider, continue a seamless distribution of rights-controlled video content?

In this webinar, learn to simplify the complex world of DRM:

  • Find out how to keep pace with the changing landscape of browsers, devices and DRM schemas
  • Chart the way to satisfy modern devices requirements while keeping legacy devices supported alongside them
  • Discover how to dramatically reduce the amount of storage required to comply with multiple DRM approaches
  • Reduce costs and complexity while ensuring your premium content is fully protected by leveraging future-proof technology

DRM may be complex, but that doesn’t mean your infrastructure has to be.


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    Itzik Woda
    Product Marketing Manager, Media
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    Arik Gaisler
    Senior Director of Product Infrastructure
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