Workshop: Professional Video Creation for Non-Video Professionals


You’ve probably gotten more comfortable in front of the camera in the last six months. But are you really taking advantage of video in the new Digital Transformation office? Join us for a seminar that will show you how to take the next step in video communication, whether for innovation, knowledge sharing, peer learning, internal communication, and more. Learn how to create more polished, professional videos—without needing a studio, designers, or post-production staff.
In this seminar with Kaltura and Powtoon, we’ll cover:

  • Creative uses companies like yours have for home-made video across the organization
  • How to easily capture videos, presentations, and screencaptures from your desktop or phone
  • Quick editing tips
  • Leveraging amazing templates and characters to create customized videos
  • Adding interactive elements and creating fully interactive videos


  • Joerg Eggink
    Director, Sales Engineering – Kaltura
  • Daniel Nathan
    Head of Customer Success, Powtoon
Watch the Webinar