Preparing Faculty for Next Semester: Faculty Video Lounge at Houston Community College


This spring had educational institutions around the world scrambling, and for many schools, fall looks likely to continue to heavily feature online education. Now that the first panic is over, how can we better support educators in bringing classes online?

Houston Community College had a particularly successful transition with their Faculty Video Lounge. Created to help professors and staff transition to virtual learning, this online space made it easier for faculty to support each other and learn. See how to create a community and bring your own staff up to speed so that no matter what the fall brings, your institution can create the learning experiences your students and staff expect.


  • Richard Gosselin
    Economics Professor, Houston Community College
  • Ruben Duran
    Rubén Durán
    XR Lab & Studio, Director, Houston Community College
  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis
    AVP, North America Education, Kaltura
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