Planning Any Live Event, Any Size: What Do You Actually Need?


Now that so much of life is online, it seems that everything from day-to-day meetings to giant conferences has become a live event. Department meetings, training sessions, webinars, all-hands/townhalls, conferences – when everything is online, does that mean you can just use video conferencing for everything? How do you tell what you need for your particular event?

We’ll walk through some of the key questions you need to ask yourself, and what implications the answers will have on your event. We’ll discuss:

  • What types of software and settings work best in different scenarios
  • When you can use your laptop, and when you need higher grade equipment
  • What changes as your audience size changes (and what to do if your audience scales up)
  • What kinds of content are best live, and when it’s time to think about simulive
  • When you can do it all in-house, and when it’s time to get someone to hold your hand

All events are not created equal, and what will work for your monthly team meeting won’t for your annual townhall. Get the cheatsheet so you can plan effectively!


  • William Holler
    Customer Success Manager, Kaltura
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