Managing Live Video: Building Sustainable Live Practices for Education


The education community has a lot more experience in live video that we did this time last year. But the emergency measures taken just to keep things running aren’t all sustainable in the long run. Even as more campuses cautiously reopen some classes, live educational video seems likely to stay a permanent part of the landscape. How can we take some of the lessons we’ve learned to build a satisfying and sustainable live video experience for students moving forward?

Join this webinar for a breakdown on the live video stack. We’ll talk about:

  • Different options for live streaming classroom and lecture experiences
  • Better ways to manage your flows from live content to VOD
  • Best practices for including pre-recorded content in your live lectures
  • What kinds of content work best for live vs pre-recorded video
  • How and when to repurpose your live content afterwards

Building a sustainable live-to-VOD video stack will help make the difference between emergency measures and workable long-term solutions!


  • Russ Lichterman
    Director of Solutions Engineering, Kaltura
  • JaBari Scott
    Senior Solutions Engineer, NA EDU Kaltura
Watch the webinar