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The New Approach to Webcasting: Make Your CEO Look Great


How do you ensure that your employees will engage with your webcasts? Discover the secret to amazing company townhalls, events, trainings, product launches, and other internal corporate communications. Learn how to refocus your webcasts on the user experience.In this webinar, explore how to:

  • Create more engaging, viewer-friendly broadcasts
  • Extend the ROI of your broadcasts with a graceful transition to VOD
  • Take full advantage of speaker tools for confident, polished presentations
  • Simplify webcasting production

It’s time to reimagine webcasting—help presenters shine, producers relax, and participants engage.


  • Michal Tsur
    Co-Founder, President & CMO, Kaltura
  • Renan Gutman
    Director of Product Management, Kaltura
Watch the Webinar