Lean-Forward Learning: Making Educational Videos More Engaging


From science demos to Tik-Tok dances, instructors have gotten very creative with recording video content that will keep students engaged. But one of the biggest problems with video-based learning continues to be students’ lack of engagement. How can you make sure the video content you’re creating will keep students’ attention and help them learn effectively?

Take a look at lean-forward learning with Kaltura. We’ll show you some ways Kaltura can help you make your recorded video content more effective, whether it’s for demonstrations, flipped classrooms, assignments, assessments, exam prep review, or more.

We’ll talk about:

  • How to effectively incorporate pre-recorded videos into the curriculum
  • Creating interactive experiences with hotspots, quizzes, and branching pathways
  • How to make class recordings more engaging for review
  • How to see whether your students are actually engaging


  • Jeff Rubenstein
    Jeff Rubenstein
    VP of Business Development and Global Strategy, Kaltura
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