Launch A Powerful And Cost-Effective OTT Service, Fast


According to a recent Juniper Research study, the OTT market is expected to reach $32 billion in revenue by 2019, up from $8 billion in 2014. With such rapid growth, it is no wonder that many content owners and publishers want to join the OTT revolution. However a full, customized, and sleek OTT solution can be expensive and demand immense amounts of time and resources. Now that’s about to change!

Kaltura is introducing OTT Now – a full, out-of-the-box OTT solution that decreases cost and time-to-market and enables you to maximize your content’s potential. Join this webinar to learn how to easily and cost effectively implement your own OTT solution and provide your audience with a social, personalized, and mobile supported viewing experience. You can also leverage any monetization model from subscriptions to transaction-based (including in-app purchasing), ad-funded to freemium, and more. Best of all – you can be up and running in a matter of just a few months.


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    Amir Segev
    VP Product Marketing, Kaltura
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    Iddo Shai
    Director, Product Marketing, Kaltura
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