Key Tips for a Successful Video Delivery


Does your company’s IT strategy include video? If your company is serious about video, your infrastructure may already be feeling the strain. And your CEO will certainly not be happy if the next event fails! Still, video delivery has changed a lot in the last few years. So what are the key questions you need to ask today when choosing a video delivery solution?

Watch this webinar for an in-depth technical discussion of how to make sure your video delivery has the support it needs. First, see how a major company prevents bottlenecks for their on-demand video library. Then, explore the key questions you need to ask before you begin live webcasts or other livestreaming. How do you predict what kind of bandwidth you’ll use? Do you even need multicasting these days? Find out the questions you’ll want to answer to determine your needs.


  • Yaron
    Yaron Reichert
    Director of Product, Video Infrastructure, Kaltura
  • David Bezemer
    Lead Systems Engineer, Kaltura
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