Influencing Employee Behavior Through Video in the Nordics: Norway Post, NSB and Statoil


When an organization needs to change its employees’ behaviors, one of the most effective tools is video. With the power to reach people on a personal level and demonstrate the right behavior, video engages employees like nothing else, making it the ideal channel for change management. In this webinar, explore three key case studies—Norway Post, NSB, and Statoil—and see how IMG is helping organizations to integrate video as a tool to help solve some of their biggest challenges.

In this webinar, you will learn the following:

  • How using video improves your bottom line
  • Multiple ways businesses are using video to engage employees and clients
  • Best practices for rolling out a unified video strategy
  • Tips and tricks you can put into practice right away

Video is one of the leading business trends across the board, for marketing, training, communication, collaboration, and more. Get the insight you need to keep up with enterprises around the world, and make 2016 the year you got serious about video.


  • Default image speaker
    Dr Keith Munkejord
    Head of IMG Play
  • Michal Tsur
    Dr Michal Tsur
    President and CMO, Kaltura
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