Finding the Needle: How to Make Video More Searchable


Tired of combing haystacks for needles? You have great video content; now it’s time to make sure people can find the video they’re looking for. Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) is the key to making the black box of video transparent—and searchable.

In this webinar, discover how to take advantage of tools like automated transcription, keyword extraction, and automatic tagging to improve internal search & discoverability, while also increasing external SEO of your video library. Find out how your users can search for information hidden deep in the audio tracks of your videos. No more needing to watch hours of video to find the sentence you were looking for, as searching for key words allows you to jump right to the most relevant part of your video. Release the true value of your video library!


  • Justin Beck
    Justin Beck
    VP Global Enterprise & Education
  • Perry Fetterman
    Perry Fetterman
    Sr. Director of Product Marketing
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