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How to Make Dynamic, Accessible K-12 Online Courses with Video


As online courses become increasingly common in K-12 education, districts are facing some new questions. How do you make sure an asynchronous course still feels like a teacher is present? How can static text-based classes be made more interactive? How can video be made suitably accessible to meet 508 and ADA compliance?
Come see how South Carolina’s state-sponsored online program, VirtualSC, has accomplished all this and more. VirtualSC’s curriculum team leader, Deirdre Edwards, will share how they have transformed their online courses with interactive and accessible video in and outside their LMS.
From beginners to power users, learn some key techniques to making video work for your district or school:

  • Using video announcements, tips, and feedback to provide real connection for asynchronous learners
  • Creating interactive video quizzes and video clips to transform static text to interactive courses
  • Making both third-party and in-house video content accessible for 508 and ADA compliance
  • Building interactive instructions for your students for pre-labs, technical assistance, and demo overviews
  • Providing outreach and support for your teachers, parents, students, and community

Join us to see how VirtualSC has enhanced their online program through the power of video!


  • Default image speaker
    Deirdre Edwards
    Curriculum Team Leader, VirtualSC
  • Default image speaker
    Ellen Parks
    Regional Director of K-12, East, Kaltura
  • Default image speaker
    Devin Beck
    Managing Director Enterprise and Education North America, Kaltura
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