How K-12 Schools & Districts Boost Results With Video


The shift from print to digital is here. K-12 educational institutions are now taking advantage of today’s technology initiatives to engage students, including one-to-one and BYOD programs, online and blended learning, and flipped classrooms. How can K-12 educators, administrators, and IT departments best use some of the new video technologies?

In this webinar, discover how K-12 schools and districts today are using video both in and outside of the classroom. Learn from two K-12 organizations that have reaped the benefits of a centralized video repository for teaching and learning, community engagement, and video management across their schools. Discover how you can improve learning results, foster a sense of community and more through the power of video.


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    Randi Hill
    Technology Coordinator, Gwinnet Online Campus
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    David H. Mallick
    Manager, Learning Management Systems & Video, Phillips Academy Andover
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    Wendy Papkoff
    Director of K-12 Education, Kaltura
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