Getting the Most Out of Video Analytics for Business


You know you’re supposed to be looking at the analytics for your videos. But too often, companies aren’t really sure what they’re supposed to be looking for. “Look at the analytics” turns into yet another thing to feel guilty about not doing, like the stack of New Yorkers in the corner you never got around to reading. But video analytics doesn’t have to be confusing or difficult.

Join us for a workshop on how to handle video analytics.

In this workshop, we’ll de-mystify all those numbers and ratios and help you see the big picture.

  • What do these numbers actually mean?
  • How can you tell if your videos are doing what you wanted them to do?
  • How can you measure impact—on your employees, on your customers, and on your bottom line?
  • How do you set reasonable goals?
  • What kind of insights can you get, and how do you apply them to meet your goals?

Using the Kaltura video platform as an example, we’ll show you what to look for, and what to do when you see it. Checking out your analytics doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead, see how your video analytics can make your life easier!


Want some additional resources on Kaltura analytics? These may help:


  • Jeff Rubenstein
    Jeff Rubenstein
    VP of Business Development and Global Strategy, Kaltura
  • Shirley Deutsch
    Shirley Deutsch
    Senior Director of Product Marketing, Kaltura
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