Everyone Is a Broadcaster…from Anywhere!


Live webcasts are more important than ever, now that many offices have gone 100% virtual. Even as some areas pass their Coronavirus peaks, it looks like social distancing is going to be with us for a while. But most company townhalls and other big live events used to be high production affairs, with full tech teams. How can you manage even a small department broadcast, let alone a full company event, when the speakers and production team can’t even been in the same room?

Join us for a webinar on how to use Kaltura to create more live events, without needing the full production team. Whether it’s turning your video conferencing rooms into mini-studios that can be used by a single person or even broadcasting directly from your desk, you’ll see how easy webcasting at scale can really be. You’ll not only be set up to broadcast through the rest of lockdown and any social distancing restrictions that follow, you’ll be ready to take webcasting from a special occasion to part of your everyday toolset!


  • Ruth Shabbat
    Director of Product Marketing, Kaltura
  • Yair Neumann
    Yair Neumann
    Director of Product Management, Kaltura
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