Event hacks: everything you need to know to plan your next event


Your next virtual event is just around the corner. Hooray! But now what?

Whether this is your first virtual event or your 1000th, there are always ways for you to improve attendees’ experience, user flow, and data collection and analysis.

Join Kaltura’s Senior Client Experience Manager, Adi Ili, as she lays out the best hacks and tips to running a successful virtual event that delivers an engaging experience and a strong marketing funnel.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What a successful event experience looks like
  • Why customizing your user flow is important for success
  • How to approach and talk to your audience
  • How to leverage and repurpose event’s content
  • What data you want and need to gather
  • What elements to include in every successful event


  • Adi Ili
    Senior Client Experience Manager, Kaltura
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