Beyond Advertising: Digital Signage for Communication, Emergency Management, and More


Is your digital signage an afterthought in your communication strategy? Whether you’re a business, school, or public space, it’s time to unite all of your video in one platform. Discover how to make digital signage an integral part of your communication plan, from public address to emergency management to the Internet of Things. Re-use video content from other channels, broadcast live events throughout your facility, and more, all in one centrally controlled architecture. From beginners to power users, get your questions answered:

  • In today’s world of screens, what counts as digital signage and how can it be connected to the rest of your video efforts?
  • How can you save effort and money by using video across multiple channels?
  • What cutting edge uses should you be rolling out tomorrow?Join us to see how digital signage is changing—and how it can change the way you think about communication.


  • Default image speaker
    Paul Gragtmans
    CEO, Display5
  • Default image speaker
    Simon Arnison
    CTO, Display5
  • Jeff Rubenstein
    Jeff Rubenstein
    VP, Product: Learning + Collaboration, Kaltura
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