Cut & paste for success: turn your virtual events into a lead generating machine


Virtual events are great for education, global outreach, and strengthening your brand awareness. But what they’re really great for is lead generation!

Join Kaltura’s EVP Marketing, Lisa Bennett, and VP Growth, Roi Kaufman, as they share Kaltura’s own success with Virtually Live! 2022 and give you the perfect cut & paste formula for turning your events into lead generating machines.

In this webinar we’ll plunge into:

  • How to crush your registration targets
  • How to leverage growth tactics to push registration and attendance numbers
  • How to convert your attendees into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)
  • How to analyze and segment your audience for effective nurture
  • How to ensure each registrant counts for the pipeline
  • How to calculate your events ROI


  • Lisa Bennett
    EVP Marketing, Kaltura
  • Roi Kaufman
    VP Growth, Kaltura
Watch the Webinar