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Capturing Across Campus


Today, instructors, students, and administrators are creating their own videos for uses across campus. Everything from lectures to assignments, introductions to feedback, and even communications between colleagues is using video. But how do you know which tool is right to capture which video?

Get a look at the latest in developments in Kaltura Capture Suite, including Lecture Capture, Personal Capture, and the new Express Capture. Learn what tools work best for which purpose. By the end of this webinar, you’ll have a full picture of the video capture ecosystem across your campus.


We mentioned a number of helpful links in this webinar. Here are some of the resources you may want to look at.

Personal Capture Keyboard shortcuts

Classroom Capture Keyboard shortcuts

Recommended Capture Cards for Kaltura Classroom

And if you’re looking for tutorials on how to use the Kaltura Capture Suite, editing tools, or any other Kaltura product, you can find them here:



  • Yael Dovrat
    Director of Product
  • JaBari Scott
    Solutions Engineer