What’s Your Day Like? Building a Better Virtual Office Culture


While it might be a while before the office looks normal again (if ever!), your needs haven’t changed. But your daily routine sure has! You’ve gotten used to video as a stop-gap solution, but we’re now looking at the long haul. How can you still make sure you maintain the relationships you need—with your colleagues, your employees, your management team, and your clients—in a way that’s sustainable?

Join this webinar and we’ll take you through what could be your new daily routine.

  • How to stay up-to-date—and keep your team up-to-date, too
  • How to help employees whose schedules have gotten messy
  • How to keep spontaneity and brainstorming going when no one can bump into each other
  • How to communicate with a broader group frequently and efficiently, without losing the personal touch

We can show you how your day is going to change with video—for the better!


    Senior Sales Engineer, Kaltura
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