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Boost Social Business with Kaltura’s Video Extension for IBM Connections


Thousands of innovative organizations are using social business software, such as the leading IBM Connections product, to increase employee productivity and collaboration, and to meet the expectations of today’s social employees and customers. At the same time, video usage has seen substantial growth within the enterprise, and has transformed the way employees and organizations communicate and share knowledge. It is clear that by bringing video and social together, and enabling users to seamlessly use video in their social activities, you can maximize engagement, productivity, and adoption. Join this webinar to learn why video is key to your social business success. We will demonstrate how to easily add advanced video creation and consumption capabilities into your IBM Connections portal in order to boost communications, collaboration, training, and knowledge sharing across the enterprise.


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    Vitaly Shter
    Director Product Marketing Enterprise, Kaltura
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    Damian Rochman
    Senior Director Product Management, Kaltura
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