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Boost Business Results with A Live and VOD Customer Video Portal


From internal to external use cases, live to VOD, video is changing the way enterprises conduct business. But far too often, video is siloed, stymying collaboration and making it difficult to reuse or repurpose valuable content.
In this webinar, industry leader Whirlpool Corporation demonstrates how a world-class, unified video solution streamlines workflows and increases effectiveness across the board. Whirlpool Corporation’s Enterprise 360 video strategy unites internal and external video and transitions gracefully from live to VOD.
We will discuss how to

  • Launch a video-centric training portal for customers and partners
  • Build easy workflows from internal creation to external publishing
  • Repurpose live content to create long-lived video on demand
  • Use mobile to promote consumption of video anywhere
  • Measure effectiveness of video marketing through robust analytics

Join us to discover how to make your amazing video content last longer, reach farther, and perform better through an Enterprise 360 video solution.


  • Default image speaker
    Vitaly Shter
    Director of Product Marketing, Kaltura
  • Default image speaker
    Ryan Scott
    Media Manager, Whirlpool Corporation
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