End to End with Caliper: The Advantages of Data Standards for Video


Why is the Caliper analytics standard such a big deal? IMS Global has put an increasing emphasis on a single framework for unifying learning data from across any digital resource. What does that mean for schools, and how can you best take advantage of Caliper?

Join this webinar featuring Unizin and the University of Michigan and get a in-depth overview of an end-to-end Caliper implementation. See how to leverage Caliper to improve learning results at your institution. We will discuss what was easy, what was more challenging, and how other institutions can look to do similar integrations in the future. We will also discuss strategies around data enrichment while in transit, with the goal of getting more useful data into the data store.


  • Jeff Rubenstein
    Jeff Rubenstein
    VP Product Strategy, Kaltura
  • Etienne Pelaprat
    Etienne Pelaprat
    Chief Technology Officer, Unizin
  • Anthony Whyte
    Anthony Whyte
    University of Michigan
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