Accessibility in the age of digital higher education: How King’s College London ensures access for ALL audiences


Back in 2020, King’s College London identified the need to improve their digital learning assets to enhance accessibility for staff and students. A university-wide Captioning and Transcription action group was convened with three aims:

1. Enable accurate and timely delivery of captions/transcripts for video content

2. Identify options to improve captioning quality by implementing easily accessible human captioning alternatives

3. Support engagement with the ‘time-based media’ requirements of the PSBAR accessibility regulations

With a focus on developing captioning and transcription options for all digital services across the university, King’s engaged with several accessibility tools and programs, including Kaltura’s Captions & Enrichment Services (REACH) and King’s is now among the leading universities offering such a wide range of accessibility options.

Join King’s College London’s Senior Analyst Developer (Media Services) in the IT Directorate, Charles Kasule, for a fascinating look into how the university succeeded to:

  • Support content from across King’s to captioned accurately and in a defined delivery time
  • Create different REACH profiles for different entities with different budgets and users
  • Ensure that users are trained to use the services and follow the same simple workflow to order captions

…and lots more


  • Charles Kasule
    Senior Analyst Developer of Education Applications, King's College London
  • Lucile Sajous
    Customer Success Manager, Kaltura
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