5 Considerations for Developing a TV App


When Apple unveiled their new Apple TV operating system — tvOS —last month, they aimed to change the media landscape once again just as they did for smartphones and tablets. When combined with updates from Google (Chromecast), Amazon (Fire TV), Roku (4K Roku 4) and connected TVs, the road is clear for Digital Publishers, Media Companies, OTT providers, and independent developers to transform the TV experience as we know it. But how can publishers and operators best take advantage of these new marketplaces?

In this webinar, discover some of the best practices for creating and launching a TV app in today’s environment.

  • What are the best strategies for TV apps?
  • Which devices should operators and publishers go after first?
  • Should you use a template or a customized UI?
  • How do you decide on the right business model?

In this session, we will answer all of these questions and more. Draw on the experience of TV app development specialists 24i with Fox Sports, Pathé Thuis, RTL, Videoland, as well as Kaltura’s experience with companies such as TNT, Mediacorp and Sesame Street.

Whether you are a content manager, product manager, apps developer, or a business stakeholder working on an OTT TV app, get the answers you need to create and launch your own successful TV apps.


  • Default image speaker
    Iddo Shai
    Director of Product Marketing, Kaltura
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    Peter Siekerman
    CTO, 24i
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