Everyone is a Broadcaster


You know you want to do more live webcasts. The annual town hall isn’t enough for you anymore—you want individual department events, multiple kickoffs, maybe even weekly briefings! But you certainly can’t afford a massive production team on a weekly basis. How are you going to make live webcasting events a routine tool?

Join us for a webinar on how to use Kaltura to create more live events while reducing your production costs and logistics for each one. Whether it’s turning your video conferencing rooms into mini-studios or even broadcasting directly from your desk, you’ll see how easy webcasting at scale can really be. It’s time for webcasting to stop being a special occasion and start being a tool you can use every day!


  • Yair Neumann
    Yair Neumann
    Director, Product Management, Kaltura
  • Ruth Shabbat
    Director, Product Marketing, Kaltura
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