Webinars 2023: the good, the bad, and the clunky

A survey of heavy webinar users 

Webinars are a widespread marketing tool. Done well, webinars increase demand, build strong relationships with customers, and inspire. Yet, sometimes, they are just boring.  

Don’t get us wrong. Even when the content is great, as is your company’s offering, the webinar format, in its current form, is hard for administrators to manage and not very interactive for audiences.  

To help understand these issues and identify new opportunities, we gathered survey responses from over 250 marketing professionals who have conducted more than 10 webinars in the past year, to learn about what works, what doesn’t, and what tools they need to make webinars work better for them.

In our report, Webinars 2023: the good, the bad, and the clunky, you’ll find the insights you need to spot issues, work smarter, and to make your webinars work harder for you. 

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