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Video Transforms the Workplace (AEST)
Aug 14,2018
11:00am AEST

Video is at our fingertips and in our face 24/7 in our personal lives. It’s only natural that video is becoming prevalent in the workplace as well. In this half-hour webinar, let’s explore how the leading companies of tomorrow are already doing everything from recruiting and onboarding to learning and development to corporate communications through video.
We’ll talk about
• How video is being used by HR, Marketing, Sales teams, and executive staff to drive performance
• How you can engage staff, partners, and clients through live and on-demand video
• How video-based training is changing for 21st century skills
• Why consumer video platforms just don’t cut it
• The latest video trends – AR/VR, interactive video, and more

Register here. 

  • Keir Crosby
    Digital Solutions Manager, West
  • James Brennan
    Senior Director, Kaltura