Unified Digital Data and Cognitive Services (AI) Vital to Build Tomorrow’s Third-Wave TV Experiences

Continuously changing and evolving audience preferences alongside supporting technology innovations have been driving the TV industry from static a “one size fits all” offering towards more interactive and personalized experiences.

Mobile and digital assistants, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) are influencing this shift in content consumption habits, hence building agile and scalable Cloud TV platforms is essential not only to expand market share and increase revenue, but also to mitigate churn in this crowded and highly competitive TV service marketplace.

In the age where digital-first channels are becoming the primary audience engagement outlet, the amount of data is rising exponentially. How can TV service operators stay ahead of the curve and develop real-time personalized viewing experiences? What are the measures that can be taken to tame the abundant amounts of data and increase viewers’ engagement and loyalty? Read the latest review from Ovum and learn what is shaping the 3rd generation TV experiences.

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