Webcasting 101: Going Virtual for Company Meetings of Any Size

So you want to do a big live event for your company—the town hall, the all-hands, the major summit.

You might be used to webcasts being a big production event, with dozens of people and tons of expensive equipment involved. But now that remote work is the norm, your speakers live everywhere, they can’t operate professional equipment on their own, and deploying multiple tech teams doesn’t make much sense.

In this whitepaper, we’ll:

  • show you how to extend your video conferencing tools to reach a larger audience than companies like Zoom can promise on their own, or even how to do full-scale webcasting by yourself from your laptop
  • offer tips to your presenters, moderators, and production team for running a flawless webcast remotely
  • and, show you what to do to make your recording as accessible as possible to your work-from-home workforce