The state of events 2023

A global survey of 1,500+ event organizers and attendees

We care about virtual events. A lot. And we care about the success of your virtual events even more.

Virtual events are how your company communicates with its audience, sparks ideas, builds pipelines, generates demand, and grows brand awareness. They also help people from across to world connect, learn, engage, and take an active part in a community. This is especially crucial as more businesses work remotely and team members are dispersed.

This survey was created to help you plan a robust and focused events plan for 2023. It asked over 500 marketers about their event plans, challenges, goals, and how they remain on top of changes in the face of global uncertainty; it asked over 1000 attendees about their favorite event types, what benefits they gain from different events, and their plans for 2023. The result is a comprehensive report that will help you build a smarter events plan.

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