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Selecting a Video Player in Today’s Digital World

This white paper offers a unique way of looking at your online video strategy. This strategy is usually comprised of many parts: content, branding, monetization, user engagement, social capabilities, and more. In this paper, we take a look at all these strategic elements through the lens of the video player experience. While it may seem obvious, presenting a powerful video player that is both feature-rich and quick to load and respond on any screen is the key to success, and yet in many cases, overlooked when deploying online video.

Think of the player as a brick-and-mortar store: a beautiful glass storefront with a well-branded skin, convenient buttons, and a beautiful thumbnail that helps lure the viewers. Clicking “Play” is like walking inside. This is where the player’s technology lights up to deliver a smooth video experience that will impress users, regardless of their location or device. The player capabilities should inspire the user to take action, based on the strategy goals: watch more videos, click on ads, answer an interactive survey, upload UGC content, or share your content with the world.

If done correctly, the player will be the incarnation of your video strategy. Choosing a video platform that will handle everything you need, from consistency across devices to supporting the necessary business rules, flows naturally from the requirements of this strategy. In this white paper we will discuss the crucial questions to ask when looking for the right video platform to build that player.

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