The Product Manager’s Guide to Video Features

Over the last decade, video has evolved from an expensive medium accessible only by skilled creators to the default mode of communication globally. Today, virtually everyone is video-fluent, with access to an ever-growing slate of mainstream video creation and consumption tools.

With the takeover of video, many organizations find themselves building complicated tech solutions that feature one or more video components. While you could build these components from scratch, you don’t need to.

It’s much easier (and time- and cost-effective) to purchase video components that can integrate with your larger solutions through APIs and SDKs. But what capabilities do you really need? What are the latest options? And what’s already available?

Here’s what you’ll find in this guide:

  • an overview of the three types of video solutions: VoD, Real Time, and Live
  • a comprehensive review of major video use cases
  • the top features that will help your product make a major splash

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