Live Demo: Kaltura Virtual Classroom for L&D 


As the future of work goes hybrid, all business operations must go digital, including vital employee onboarding and training. Many have been making do with off-the-shelf video conferencing solutions for live training sessions, but these platforms leave much to be desired.

Kaltura Virtual Classroom is purpose-built for training and learning, with a robust toolset that directly supports learning outcomes and drives engagement.

Join us for a free demo of Kaltura Virtual Classroom. See for yourself how this easy-to-use platform:

  • engages learners through interactive tools like whiteboards, live quizzes, and screen sharing
  • creates personalized learning experiences with breakout rooms and easy VOD integrations
  • enables environments that are fully branded for your company
  • plugs in seamlessly to any LMS


  • Sam Thompson
    Director Real Time Communications, Kaltura 
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