Demo: Kaltura Virtual Events


Kaltura Virtual Events is a fully customizable, industry-leading events platform with the full range of video tech to power any event, of any size.

A full video tech stack supports multi-day or multi-track events, live keynotes, webinars, lectures, workshops, 1:1 chat, and virtual sponsor booths. And with real-time analytics, Kaltura Virtual Events gives you the data you need to optimize attendee experience and enhance your audience segmentation.

Watch this demo of the Kaltura Virtual Events platform to see:

  • Key features including personalized journeys, flexible branding, and sponsor placements
  • How you can enable attendees to build personalized agendas and support multiple content tracks
  • How to keep your virtual or hybrid attendees fully connected and engaged before, during, and after your event with networking and interactivity features


  • Shirley Deutsch
    Sr. Director, Product Marketing at Kaltura
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