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Introduction to Kaltura’s Education Video Cloud


Kaltura’s Education Video Cloud is designed specifically for education and addresses all the video needs of digital teaching and learning. This includes a best-in-class virtual classroom, creation and distribution of interactive on-demand video, and large-scale live video broadcasting. This single platform allows video content to easily move between all these modes.

Kaltura’s Education Video Cloud can operate standalone, but it also has the ability to integrate deeply into the existing educational technology ecosystem including Learning Management Systems using open standards, making video creation and use a frictionless experience.

For Kaltura, video is not simply a “lean-back-and-watch” type of medium. All of our technologies include rich learner engagement tools, such as in-video assessments, interactive hotspots, and choose-your-own adventure paths for situational learning. These ensure that students are truly attending to and learning from these video experiences.

In this session Kaltura will provide an overview of Education Video Cloud and brief product demonstration.

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