You Can Have It All: Hybrid Events 101

We’ve gotten used to – and even good at – virtual events since the Coronavirus took the world by surprise a little over a year ago, but while most event planners are eager for in-person events to gradually return in the coming months, we all know these programs will not be business as usual.

The sensible thing to do, which is already taking shape, is to synergize the physical and the virtual into a new model of hybrid events. But pulling off a successful hybrid event is a tricky task, as it requires catering two different audiences and ensuring all attendees have a consistent, engaging experience.

This detailed guide provides insights, data, and best practices to help you unlock the full potential of hybrid events. In it you will learn:

  • Exactly what is a hybrid event
  • The benefits of hybrid events
  • How to plan a successful hybrid event
  • Choosing the right technology
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