How Educational Institutions Are Using Video: Insights from the Report


Video is everywhere in education—not only changing the way we teach and learn, but how we communicate, collaborate, build communities, and extend our reach. As today’s digital natives increasingly expect video in every aspect of their lives, educational institutions are rising to meet the demand, using video in ever more effective and creative ways.

Kaltura releases its fifth annual report on the State of Video in Education July 10. The report is based on responses from over 1,500 participants and is the most comprehensive report on the subject to-date; it covers video usage, perception, and trends in education around the world. In this webinar, get a closer look at the report’s highlights and the lessons that can be drawn. With a substantial Q&A session at the end, you’ll have a chance to get all your questions answered.

Unfortunately, we made a mistake during the webinar, and our recording starts 15 minutes in. We’re really sorry about that. You can find the deck (with presenter notes!)here.


  • Michal Tsur
    Michal Tsur
    President and Co-founder, Kaltura
  • Jeff Rubenstein
    Jeff Rubenstein
    VP of Global Product Strategy and Business Development, Kaltura
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