Health & Tech – Now & Beyond Virtual Event Live Panel

As Healthcare is becoming more substantial for everyone, largely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more technology companies are adapting their products to meet the industry’s needs. This insightful Startup Panel from our Health & Tech – Now & Beyond virtual event discusses the opportunities and challenges in bringing your technology to the healthcare market.  


Joining the discussion are Srulik Dvorsky, CEO & Co-Founder at Tailormed, and Eldad Rothman, COO & Co-Founder at, who have both successfully led their companies to offer innovative solutions that reshaped  patient treatment and health providers’ experience. With them is also Mirit Kagarlitsky, Sr. Director Healthcare Technology at Kaltura, to give a birds-eye view of the current state of things in healthtech, and how video technology plays a significant part in it.  

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