Health & Tech – Now & Beyond Virtual Event Keynotes


In a time when Healthcare is front and center for the planet, with more and more technology companies adapting their products to meet the industry’s needsThese  inspiring keynotes from our Health & Tech – Now Beyond virtual event discuss the opportunities and challenges in bringing your technology to the healthcare market. 

The session begins with a keynote from Guy Spigelman, EMEA Lead, Healthcare and Life Sciences Startups at AWS, who shares his tips and best practices for building a tech solution designed to serve the healthcare industry. Next, Dr. Peter Fitzgerald, Managing Partner at Triventures and Director at the Center of Cardiovascular Technology in Stanford Universitydiscusses how technology, digitization and data are transforming medicine. Lastly, Netalie Nadivi, Partner at Triventures, talks about why and how convergence of health and non-health technology, in the form of out-of-the-box holistic solutions, is reshaping the health industry.  

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