Getting Discovered and Boosting Audience Reach with Universal Syndication


The new TV arena is becoming more crowded as streaming dramatically changes its distribution landscape. In this fragmented market, with hundreds of streaming services worldwide, we are witnessing a trend of re-aggregation that introduces new opportunities for both content owners and service operators.

In this episode of the ‘Re-aggregation of Disaggregation’ webinar series, we will discuss the ultimate way for content owners to reach broader audiences and overcome their number one challenge of being discovered. We will review the various tools media companies can implement to become universal syndicators to increase their content visibility, and expand audience reach.

You will hear first-hand best practices from ZEE5 Global’s Chief Business Officer and how they are mastering the universal syndication approach while reaching 76 million viewers across 190 countries.


  • Archana Anand
    Chief Business Officer

    ZEE5 Global
  • Gideon Gilboa
    EVP Product, Marketing,
    and Solutions
    Media & Telecom, Kaltura
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