How do your marketing efforts measure for 2023? Read Forrester’s Marketers Must Work Harder To Measure Virtual Event Success report

Virtual events are becoming ubiquitous. Which is awesome. Because virtual events increase your brand awareness, position your company as a thought leader, and most of all generate qualified leads.  But are you working hard enough to measure your virtual event’s success?  

According to Forrester, marketers still need to work harder to measure their virtual events’ success. And when Forrester says “harder,” they actually mean, “smarter”! 

Download and read Forrester’s Best Practice Report: Marketers Must Work Harder To Measure Virtual Event Success, to learn how to work smarter with your event measurement.  

In this report you’ll get a glimpse into:   

  • Why effective virtual event performance measurement is crucial  
  • How many organizations are failing to properly measure virtual events value 
  • Why organizations must pay attention to pre, during, and post-event metrics 
  • How to build reputation, drive demand, and gather market intelligence  
  • Why marketers should adopt a process-driven approach to virtual events metrics selection  
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