Bringing it together – Creating a 360 L&D experience 


In order to deliver a cohesive training experience at scale, many L&D leaders are often required to use a host of applications and software. Not only is this process exhausting and overly complex, but it can also lead to a flawed experience, for the organizers, the trainers, and their trainees.

Join us on May 4th, for a practical Show & Tell Demo where we will discuss and demonstrate how to effortlessly create an immersive 360 L&D experience.

We will cover:

  • When and how to use VOD, LIVE and REAL TIME video solutions in your training activities
  • Broken vs. Brilliant – Creating a seamless trainee experience across the learning lifecycle
  • Post training – Retaining knowledge within the organization


  • Sam Thompson
    Sam Thompson
    Director of Learning Solutions, Kaltura
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