Connecting with More Students in a Hybrid World – Innovative Student Recruitment Strategies in Higher Education


Cutting through the noise is one of the toughest challenges Admissions and Recruitment Offices face when trying to reach prospective students. With fewer opportunities to meet face-to-face through in-person campus visits, recruiters need to find creative ways to get their messages out.

Join us on May 24 to see how schools like the University of New Hampshire have taken lessons from the last couple of years to drive a new wave of innovative recruitment strategies.

During the discussion, we’ll dive deep into:

  • Pre-COVID student recruitment – what worked and future thinking like video messages to insert personality into remote outreach
  • Digital transformation over the last couple of years, virtual events and remote connectivity
  • Lessons learned, future thinking, and recruitment hardening for the years ahead


  • Sam Thompson
    Sam Thompson
    Director of Learning Solutions, Kaltura
  • Jackie Klatt
    Senior Student Success Coach & Data Specialist, University of New Hampshire
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