The nuts and bolts of community building through virtual events


Strong and tightknit communities are no longer bound by geographical location. With virtual events platforms, vibrant communities are built and sustained across towns and time zones.

Join us along with Learner-Centered Collaborative and New Classrooms to discuss how your education organizations can engage your communities through virtual events.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to powerfully engage a remote community
  • How to scale your messaging
  • How to create impact regardless of location
  • How to use virtual events to connect with your community
  • All the nuts, bolts, and tricks of how to get started


  • Kelsey Payne
    VP of Community Engagement, Learner-Centered Collaborative
  • Michelle Ward
    Sr. Director of Communications, NewClassrooms
  • Ira Gluck
    Senior Director, K-12 Education
  • Sam Thompson
    Sr. Director, Solution, Strategy & Enablement
Watch the Webinar