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Educating partners through live and on-demand content

Google found what they were searching for

Learn all about their education program in 1 video (about 147 seconds)

Even the biggest companies in the world need to make sure their customers don’t have to search too far to find them. In this case, we’re talking about Google, of course, who were looking to build a hub for their advertiser training and enablement program.

To really woo – and wow – those partners, they needed a platform that offers a mix of both live and on-demand learning options. Combined with engaging elements such as polls, quizzes, and a magical leaderboard (their words, not ours) they could form a truly magical partnership (our words, not theirs).

You can guess the end of it by yourself or better yet, watch Google x Kaltura success story, straight from our Virtually Live! coffee chat with their Product Marketing Manager, Roman Faminou.

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