How to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Video: The Story of Thomson Reuters


2020 accelerated organizational digital transformation by three to four years, according to recent studies. The pandemic forced many businesses to rethink their practices and adopt a wide range of digital tools – whether for digitizing their core internal operations, or for customer facing elements of the business.

What is the role of video in a successful digital transformation strategy? And what are the key lessons for driving digital adoption with video?

Hear how Thomson Reuters successfully leveraged video to accelerate their digital transformation. Learn how Thomson Reuters managed to efficiently consolidate different technologies and use cases across the organization with one unified solution, driving better knowledge sharing, communication and collaboration, and increasing employee and customer engagement.

In this session, you’ll hear from panel of experts that will explore the ways video can be leveraged to accelerate digital transformation efforts. You can expect to come away with insights on:

  • Trends in digital transformation for world-leading technology companies like Thomson Reuters
  • How video is enabling organizations like Thomson Reuters to scale, innovate and improve the customer experience
  • How data from video is being leveraged to drive business outcomes

Moderator: Istvan Polay, Head of Partners for Edge Services EMEA at AWS


  • Justin Hummel
    Justin Hummel
    VP of Learning & Compliance at Thomson Reuters
  • Melanie Crowsey
    Melanie Crowsey
    Director, Media Production at Thomson Reuters
  • Zohar Babin
    Zohar Babin
    EVP of Platform at Kaltura
  • Tzoori Tamam
    Tzoori Tamam
    Solution Architect Specialist at AWS
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