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Video Search and Discovery
Help viewers find the right video

Kaltura’s tools make video more searchable and discoverable. Whether through captions and transcriptions via Kaltura REACH, searchable slide text from video presentations from Kaltura Personal Capture, or advanced metadata and search tools in Kaltura MediaSpace, Kaltura makes it easier to find desired content within your video library.

  • With Unified Search, search within the video title, tags, description, custom data, chapters, slides, interactive video quiz questions, webcast public items (Q&A, polls, and announcements), users, and captions
  • Or limit your search to a specific type of metadata
  • Through Automated Speech Recognition, pinpoint the exact location within a video of the search phrase
  • Use content recommendations to maximize video consumption by presenting related content, video recommendations, featured videos, most-viewed videos, recent videos, and video playlists
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