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Kaltura Meeting Solution

Powering Collaborative Meeting Experiences for

 the Modern Workplace

Kaltura Meeting Solution is a meeting experience platform that allows you to easily launch engaging collaboration spaces for any meeting size and type. From 1:1 meetings to screen sharing, team collaboration, virtual classrooms, distance education, learning and training, customer meetings and presentations, and webinars all the way to live townhalls, Kaltura powers any meeting of any size.

Introducing Kaltura Meeting Solution

Kaltura is pleased to announce the acquisition of Newrow, the video conferencing and collaboration platform, which will now become part of the Kaltura suite of products as Kaltura Meeting Solution.

"Our new Meeting Experience offering, is another important step in Kaltura’s journey to offer a unified and flexible platform that would truly ‘power any video experience, for any organization’.” 

Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Co-founder, Chairman & CEO


Be There in a Click

Create easy-to-join virtual collaboration spaces where participants interact face-to-face from anywhere, in any configuration (1:1 or multi-participants), and on any device. No downloads or installations required.

Create Collaboration Spaces that are Here to Stay

Kaltura’s meeting spaces are persistent rooms. Meeting owners can prepare their rooms ahead of time, customize and brand them, leave, come back, and continue where they left off.

Engage Participants With Interactive Tools

Fun and collaborative tools keep colleagues focused and actively participating. Breakout rooms allow for smaller group interactions.

Integrate Meetings into your Existing Systems

As part of the Kaltura platform, your meetings are easily integrated into your learning management, social business systems, and other platforms and workflows.

Extend the Shelf Life of your Meeting

Kaltura’s end-to-end solution supports the entire meeting lifecycle, from real-time to VOD. Get editing, enrichment, interactive and analytics tools that make content easy to reuse anywhere.

  • Video Meetings

  • Training and Onboarding

  • Remote Work

  • Webinars

  • Distance Learning

  • Video Meetings

  • Training and Onboarding

  • Remote Work

  • Webinars

  • Distance Learning

  • Click to Join for a Hassle-Free Meeting Experience

    • Browser-based (WebRTC) meeting

    • Screen sharing

    • Telephony

    • Active speaker focus

  • Interactive Features for Real-Time Collaboration

    • HD video playback

    • Collaborative whiteboards and hand raising

    • Breakout rooms for small group discussion

    • Collaborative notetaking that can be downloaded

    • Q&A, live quizzes, and polls

  • Advanced Controls for Meeting Owners

    • Persistent rooms

    • Customizable look and feel

    • Rich content playlists

    • ‘Mute all’ and granular permissions

    • Attendance and focus indicators

    • Session analytics and insights

  • Enrichment and Distribution Tools for Lifetime Value

    • LTI supported viewing within your LMS

    • Seamless cloud recording

    • Captions, transcriptions, and translations for accessibility and discoverability

    • Intelligent VOD search with AI-based automatic captioning and advanced metadata

    • Interactive players, chapters, video quizzes, Q&A, polls, calls-to-action, forms, and more