Kaltura eCDN is an integrated solution that allows not only accelerated delivery, but also compliance with your content policy. Kaltura offers granular control over what content is consumed internally, and externally; what content is consumed with the external, global CDN; and what content is available only internally, and is never exposed to the Internet.

The combination of the Kaltura video player, Kaltura SaaS management capability, and local eCDN nodes, allows end-to-end accelerated delivery no matter where the employee is.

Download the Kaltura eCDN datasheet.

Kaltura eCDN Benefits

  • Improve viewing experience on any device, anywhere, and eliminate buffering
  • Comply with security and network management policies
  • Scale live and on-demand video delivery to an unlimited number of viewers
  • Deploy with optimal flexibility, whether as a single video delivery mechanism or combined with other internal/external CDN components
  • Ensure responsible use of the network with centralized control of all video delivery

Video Content Lifestyle

Features and Capabilities

Robustness and Flexibility

  • Live Unicast (HLS) and Multicast (RTP) delivery
  • Multi-protocol and multi-bitrate for playback on all devices: desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Unlimited concurrent live events

User Experience


  • Behind the firewall delivery
  • Comprehensive security capabilities

Smart Delivery

  • Dual-delivery to internal audiences via Kaltura eCDN and external via public CDN
  • Controls playback quality and bandwidth consumption
  • Multicast to Unicast fallback
  • Content Pre-positioning to eliminate WAN overload.
  • Advanced control and delivery rules